The world of healthcare continues to change at a rapid pace, with increased innovation, company formation, and complexity. This pace and evolution of company creation necessitates that a leadership teams’ collective experience reflect a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives to maintain a competitive advantage, enable further growth, and meet customer needs. As such, companies who have emerged as champions of diversity are finding new ways to approach challenges and mobilize their organization’s culture to best celebrate the existing diversity within their teams.

As human capital advisors connecting with leaders across healthcare, we at Perspective have the privilege of interacting with these leaders on a regular basis, gaining insight into a cross-section of best practices for building diverse and inclusive environments within our industry. We recently interviewed several executives in the space—including CEOs, board members, CHROs, and venture partners—to further examine how healthcare as an industry can continue to share knowledge around the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of building and maintaining diverse leadership teams and boards.

In our conversations with these leaders, a number of common themes emerged:

  • True diversity of thought is required at both the operating and board levels of organizations to keep pace with the increasing interconnectivity of the market
  • To attract top talent, organizations must actively commit to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace at all levels of the organization, and these behaviors must be modeled first and foremost at the leadership level
  • It is an imperative responsibility of an organization to be leaders across these dimensions
  • It is not easy, requiring constant focus and true commitment to diversity of perspectives fromall levels of leadershipSimply put, companies will not be successful if they do not fundamentally appreciate the role of, and commit to fostering, a diverse and inclusive organization, beginning at the leadership level.


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