At Perspective, we believe that the best vehicle for the continued evolution of healthcare is people. The right leaders and teams have the power to transform the way we approach health and serve patients. As talent advisors sitting at the intersection of healthcare and human capital, we are in the business of improving healthcare by solving the industry’s toughest leadership challenges. It is our primary goal, and this deeply rooted purpose informs all our decisions. We are humbled by our opportunities to continually serve clients who are innovating in healthcare—and we are honored to share our 2018 work below.


  • Adaptimmune Therapeutics, Director — John Furey (Chief Operating Officer, Spark Therapeutics)
  • Akebia Therapeutics, Director (Chairperson) — Adrian Adams (Chief Executive Officer, Aralez Pharmaceuticals)
  • Codiak Biosciences, Director — Briggs Morrison, M.D. (Chief Executive Officer, Syndax Pharmaceuticals)
  • Codiak Biosciences, Director — Johnathan Poole (Chief Financial Officer, Evelo Biosciences)
  • CRISPR Therapeutics, Director (Audit Chair) — Pending Announcement
  • GlycoMimetics, Director — Scott Jackson (Former Chief Executive Officer, Celator Pharmaceuticals)
  • Hologic, Director — Ludwig Hantson, Ph.D. (Chief Executive Officer, Alexion Pharmaceuticals)
  • ImmunoGen, Director — Stuart Arbuckle (EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals)
  • Mersana Therapeutics, Director — Willard Dere, M.D. (Former Int’l Chief Medical Officer, Amgen)
  • NEON Therapeutics, Director — Robert Bazemore (President and Chief Executive Officer, Epizyme)
  • Nightstar Therapeutics, Director — Paula Cobb (EVP of Corporate Development, Decibel Therapeutics)
  • Ra Pharmaceuticals, Director — Aoife Brennan, M.D. (Chief Executive Officer, Synlogic)
  • Ra Pharmaceuticals, Director — Bo Cumbo (SVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Sarepta Therapeutics)
  • Surface Oncology, Director — Laurie Stelzer (Chief Financial Officer, Halozyme Therapeutics)
  • TESARO, Director — Pascale Witz (Former SVP, Global Diabetes and Cardiovascular, Sanofi SA)
  • Ziopharm Oncology, Director — Scott Braunstein, M.D. (Former Chief Operating Officer, Pacira Pharmaceuticals)
  • Ziopharm Oncology, Director — Elan Ezickson (Chief Operating Officer and Head of Corporate Development, Scholar Rock)
  • Ziopharm Oncology, Director — Doug Pagan (Chief Financial Officer, Paratek Pharmaceuticals)



  • Agios Pharmaceuticals, Chief Executive Officer — Jacqualyne Fouse, Ph.D.
  • Complexa, Chief Executive Officer — Francisco Salva
  • DBV Technologies, Chief Executive Officer — Daniel Tasse
  • OrphoMed, Chief Executive Officer — Gary Phillips, M.D.
  • Synlogic, Chief Executive Officer — Aoife Brennan, M.D.
  • TARIS Bio, Chief Executive Officer — Tony Kingsley
  • Trevena, Chief Executive Officer — Carrie Bourdow



  • AMAG Pharmaceuticals, EVP and Chief Business Officer — J. Alan Butcher
  • Blueprint Medicines, VP, Corporate Development — Helen Ho, Ph.D.
  • Genocea Biosciences, Chief Business Officer — Girish Aakalu, Ph.D.
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals, SVP, Business Development — Aaron Reames



  • bluebird bio, VP, Commercial, Oncology — Daniel Driscoll
  • bluebird bio, SVP, US Severe Genetic Diseases — Mark Wadley
  • Blueprint Medicines, Chief Commercial Officer — Christina Rossi
  • Epizyme, SVP, Commercial — Vicki Vakiener
  • Ra Pharmaceuticals, Chief Commercial Officer — John King



  • Albireo Pharma, Chief Financial Officer — Simon Harford
  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals, VP, Internal Audit — Johann Erasmus
  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals, SVP, Financial Planning and Analysis — Julia Wang
  • Atara Biotherapeutics, Chief Financial Officer — Utpal Koppikar
  • Autolus Therapeutics, SVP and Chief Financial Officer — Andrew Oakley
  • Flexion Therapeutics, Chief Financial Officer — David Arkowitz
  • Freeline Therapeutics, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development — Brian Silver, J.D.
  • Magenta Therapeutics, Chief Operating and Financial Officer — Jason Ryan
  • Mersana Therapeutics, Chief Financial Officer — David Spellman
  • TESARO, Chief Accounting Officer — Greg Covino
  • X4 Pharmaceuticals, Chief Financial Officer — Adam Mostafa



  • AGTC, VP, Clinical Research and Medical Affairs — Lanita Scott, M.D.
  • AGTC, VP, Clinical Operations — Karen Carroll
  • Flexion Therapeutics, VP, Clinical Research — Leon Jiang, M.D., Ph.D.
  • MaxCyte, Chief Medical Officer — Claudio Dansky Ullmann, M.D.
  • Sarepta Therapeutics, Chief Medical Officer — Gilmore O’Neill, M.B., M.M.Sc.



Anokion, VP, Technical Operations — Tony Rossomando, Ph.D.



TESARO, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer — Michelle Graham



  • Change Healthcare, EVP and President, Sales and Operations — August Calhoun, Ph.D.
  • Equian, Chief People Officer — Ellen Humphrey
  • Exact Sciences, President, Cologuard — Mark Stenhouse
  • Surescripts, Chief Customer Officer — Joe Montler
  • Waystar, SVP, Marketing — Tracey Weinberg
  • Waystar, EVP, Client Success — Jeffery Hurst

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